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Kundalini Yoga Mantras in Gurmukhi


The Aquarian Teacher: International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1 Instructor is the training manual used for teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. There are 45 mantras in this manual, most of them with roots in the Sikh tradition.  They include the longer passages of Gurbani of Rakhay Rakhanahaar, Dhan Dhan Ram Das… Continue…

Guru Nanak Namaaz

Guru Nanak Namaaz

I took this photograph in 2012 when I was in Sultanpur Lodhi, India, studying kirtan with my teacher, Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji.  Sultanpur Lodhi is particularly rich in history and is a place where Guru Nanak spent his early adulthood.  There was a small mosque which dated back to Guru Nanak’s time very near where… Continue…

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