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  • Kundalini Yoga Mantras

    Study Kundalini Yoga mantras from the Aquarian Teacher training manual, learning pronunciation, meaning and historical background.
    Select from classes in transliteration or Gurmukhi. Discount for registration before April 7, 2017.

    Begin your journey learning pronunciation and reading the script and language of the Gurus.
    Choose from Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday evenings. Register ahead for discount rate and to receive the class call-in number. Register by Feb. 19, 2017 for discount rate.

    Exploring the wisdom of Guru Nanak while learning good pronunciation.
    There is one section for Transliteration readers on Tuesday evenings. There are two sections of this class for Gurmukhi readers: Wednesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. Register by May 5, 2017 for discount rate.

    Individual sessions for those who would like to polish their pronunciation and deepen their understanding of Gurbani. You can choose what you would like to work on.
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Gurmukhi class will start in late September and Japji class will begin in mid-November 2017. Check back here soon for more details.